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LazLock Password manager

LazLock is a lightweight, portable password manager that runs on both Windows and GNU/Linux. It doesn't need to be installed on your computer, so can be run from a USB stick.
Carry both the Windows and the Linux versions with you and you'll be able to access your passwords from any PC.

Visit the Download page to get your copy or browse the list of features below.

Open Source software

You'll never lose control of your data

Cross platform

LazLock runs on both Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux

Portable application

No need to install..
Simply copy LazLock to a USB stick
and carry it with you everywhere

Strong encryption

Your data is protected with
128 bit AES encryption

Simple UI

All of the bloat is stripped out
giving you a streamlined interface

Integrated Search Bar

Quickly find the password that you need

Password Generator

Create stronger, more secure passwords


LazLock supports multiple languages.
Currently 17 languages are available

Get involved!

You can download the sourcecode at https://sourceforge.net/projects/lazlock/

You can submit a new translation at https://github.com/gcarreno/lazlock-l10n